We're all travelers through this earth experience we call life. As we journey though our experiences, it's important to remember who we really are: Powerful, spiritual beings of light. I'm glad your journey has brought you here.

Inner Journeys

Inner Journeys is about meditating, about looking within to remember your spiritual knowledge and to reawaken your spiritual self. It offers guided meditations and visualizations to help you open your mind to its full awareness and grow your soul into the multidimensional, spiritual light-being that you truly are.

Inner Journeys opens with an explanation of the process and purpose of meditation, shows you the many ways to meditate, then guides you through a relaxation which provides entry to the worlds within you, and offers a chapter on learning the language of your mind--what it shows you, how it speaks to you, and how to listen to what your mind is saying to you. The book offers meditations that invite you on an inner journey into magical, mystical places within your heart, mind, and soul.

Some meditations are fairly short--a page or two--that offer the essence of the intended imagery as they draw a picture or create a scene. Your mind will take you where you need to go. As you allow the words to form into images and open thoughts and feelings inside your mind, the words will draw you into a special, magical world within yourself.

Some are like musings that speak to your soul. Others are relaxing and soothing. Still others are exhilarating and rejuvenating. Most are worded in such a way that you can explore whatever comes into your mind and experience it in your own way. Several gently guide you in a specific direction to achieve certain purposes, such as healing or meeting your guardian angel.

The meditations inside Inner Journeys spoke gently to me in my thoughts and whispered through my dreams as the words danced in my mind and floated onto my computer screen. They grew from the classes I teach on positive mind power, dreams, intuitive awareness, reincarnation, and meditation.

Books are like paper children; each have their own personality and vibe. As I wrote the words, the book came to life and began to write itself, inviting me on a journey within myself where the words flowed like a magical stream of water and showed me a place where images bloom. Words are magical and mystical; they have the power to open up multidimensional worlds within your mind, heart, and soul. Inner Journeys is a way-shower, inviting you to remember what you've always known about your true spiritual nature.

To read more about the book, visit Mystical Mindscapes.

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Teresa Cordero Cordell said...

Gloria, my dear friend. It's amazing the magnitude to which you are a truly devoted writer. Your interest in the metaphysical aspect of everyday life astounds me. I think I now understand what a peaceful and centered person you are. Thank you for your friendship.