We're all travelers through this earth experience we call life. As we journey though our experiences, it's important to remember who we really are: Powerful, spiritual beings of light. I'm glad your journey has brought you here.

Inner Journeys

Just revised and republished Inner Journeys...

Inner journeying means going within to your inner, spiritual self. There are many ways to do inner journeys; meditation and creative visualization are wonderful avenues that lead you within.

Inner Journeys offers guided visualizations to help you journey within--to travel on the wings of your spirit and reach into your heart, mind, and soul.

The meditations inside Inner Journeys originated from special journeys in my mind, secret places in my heart, and sacred spaces in my soul.

They're guided imageries, worded in a way that will draw pictures in your mind and lead you within... to experience special journeys in your mind, secret places in your heart, and sacred spaces in your soul.

All of life is a journey; the journey within to your inner realms is just as real as the reality you experience in your day-to-day activities and experiences. Explore what your inner self has to show you and listen to what your soul has to say.

ISBN: 978-1-883717-26-1; 234 pages
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