We're all travelers through this earth experience we call life. As we journey though our experiences, it's important to remember who we really are: Powerful, spiritual beings of light. I'm glad your journey has brought you here.

Reincarnation ~ Past Lives

Discovering Your Past Lives: The Ultimate Guide Into and Through Your Past Life Memories offers numerous mind-opening meditations, experiential exercises, and avenues to explore, including dreams and deja vu, current clues, past patterns, pre-birth promises, and much more in helping you open up your past life memories.

You're guided through understanding, balancing, and healing your karma in a clear, loving way. You'll see how to recognize soul mates and special people you've been with before, and understand their connections to you now.

 ISBN: 978-1-883717-20-9; 202 pages; Print book is available on Amazon... $13.95
ebook is available on Apple iBooksKindle, Kobo, Nook, and Smashwords... $2.99

Looking Into Your Future Lives: A Trip Through Time looks at reincarnation in a new light from a simultaneous time-space concept. It looks into the real possibility that your past, present, and future lives--instead of happening separately--are happening at the same time in the present at various vibrations of energy.

Rather than the past creating the present and shaping the future, this book shows how the future interacts with and causes the present, just as much as the present has created the past and the past has created the future.

ISBN: 978-1-883717-06-3; 174 pages; Print book is Available on Amazon... $12.95
ebook is available on Kindle, Apple iBooks, Kobo, Smashwords, and Nook... $3.99

The Complete Do-it-Yourself Guide to Past Life Regression offers everything you need to know about traveling into and through your past life memories. It gives word-for-word, step-by-step instructions, interwoven with an in-depth script, for remembering and re-experiencing events and emotions in previous lifetimes.

Included are sidetracks that show how you can use the same information in your present life for many positive purposes. There are also side trips--interesting adventures and excursions--to experience along the way.

ISBN: 978-1-883717-37-7; 262 pages; Print book is available on Amazon... $14.95
ebook is available on Apple iBooks, Kindle, Kobo, Nook, and Smashwords... $4.99

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