We're all travelers through this earth experience we call life. As we journey though our experiences, it's important to remember who we really are: Powerful, spiritual beings of light. I'm glad your journey has brought you here.

Brewing the Perfect Cup of Zen Coffee

A few months ago, the New York Times published a blurb about Zen Coffee: A Guide to Mindful Meditation.

And today... they published a meditation from my book... How to Be Mindful While Making Coffee.

Brewing the perfect cup of Zen Coffee is as easy as being with the essence of your inner self, just like the ethereal steam rising from your coffee.

Wishing You a Magical New Year, Filled With Happiness and Light

Today is the beginning of a brand new year... a magical year. Think about the New Year's resolutions you've made. Think about what inspired you to make them and what you want to achieve. Think about what will make you happy. Don't let past failures stand in your way. Use them as stepping-stones that inspire you to success this year. Look forward to what the new year will bring. Anticipate what you will accomplish this year.

Use your imagination to imagine and create the wonderful new year you want to enjoy. What can you do in this new year that will bring you happiness? What are your dreams, goals, and visions for this new year?

What do you want to create that sparks your interest, ignites your passion? What will bring you total bliss and joyfulness? What will put a song in your heart, a dance in your step, and light into your soul?

Imagine it. Create it. Embrace it with your whole being. Believe it to be, and it will be. Create it first in your mind, in the magic of your imagination, then expand it outward into your physical world. Whatever your reality is at the present moment, simply close your eyes and envision your Happy New Year.

Have a wonderful, magical Happy New Year, filled with happiness and light!

Magical Mind, Magical Life

Your mind is magical... you are magical.

Magical Mind, Magical Life offers you many ways to open, explore, experience, and understand the magical power of your mind. It's a guide that shows you the way to living a magical life, filled with happiness and light.

You can make your life everything you want it to be and more. You have this magical power within you now; it's not something new or something you have to learn.

All you have to do is look for the magic within yourself--look within the power of your own mind and put that magic to work for you.

A revised edition is now available.

A Cup of Mindful Coffee

You folks know how much I love coffee... :)

I even wrote a book about coffee eight years ago -- Zen Coffee: A Guide to Mindful Meditation.

And it got mentioned in the New York Times!!!