We're all travelers through this earth experience we call life. As we journey though our experiences, it's important to remember who we really are: Powerful, spiritual beings of light. I'm glad your journey has brought you here.

Mystical Mindscapes

Mystical Mindscapes is my publishing company and my main website. It offers a look into all my New Age books, sharing an overview and links where you can browse my books.
Mystical Mindscapes was created from a rainbow... from Somewhere Over the Rainbow, my New Age novel about the reality of reincarnation that offers a lighthearted look into the ups and downs of being spiritual in a physical world.

I began writing it in 1988, right after I finished writing Discovering Your Past Lives. It's based on one of my past lives in Egypt and the parallels to my present life. It took me four years to write... it was a labor of love... and I searched for a publisher for three years. No takers so I decided to self-publish it and Mystical Mindscapes, my publishing company, was born.

One of the main characters, Violet, is a writer. There's a chapter in the book titled Mystical Mindscapes; it's about writing and being in a world of words, and that's how I chose the name for my publishing company.

I invite you to take a mystical journey into my books on reincarnation, meditation, and positive mind power, as well as traveling through a rainbow to see your true spiritual nature.

A Cup of Zen Coffee

Wondering how caffeine and calm, poured into the same coffee cup can help you mindfully meditate?

It would seem that coffee and meditation are in opposition to one another, but the truth is... they are completely in harmony.

Zen Coffee: A Guide to Mindful Meditation shows you how to meditate by coffee.

I'd like to offer you a cup of Zen Coffee. It may help you mindfully meditate on the paradoxes of life or maybe just calm your mind.

Looking Into Your Future Lives

Have you ever wondered how time really works? What if time doesn't move in a straight line of past, present, and future? What if your future lives happen first... before your past lives?

What if the experiences in your future lives actually cause and create the experiences in your present and past lives, instead of the other way around?

Or what if time is a fluid vibration of energy? What if your past, present, and future lives are all happening at the same time, and the experiences in each directly influence and affect all your experiences in all your lives?

Looking Into Your Future Lives: A Trip Through Time looks at reincarnation in a new light from a simultaneous time-space concept. It looks into the real possibility that all your past, present, and future lives--instead of happening separately in a linear framework of time, are happening at the same time in the present at various vibrations of energy.

Rather than the past creating the present and shaping the future, this book shows you how the future interacts with and causes the present, just as much as the present has created the past, and the past has created the future.

Time can get a bit wobbly as it weaves through all your experiences with a future event that supposedly hasn't happened yet, but which directly affects a current experience you're having. Maybe you need to look into the future as well as in the past to find a cause for karma that you may be experiencing.

It's a concept worth thinking about, even though it's a bit confusing at first to wrap your mind around it. But... think about it and see what you come up with. What's your perception of time? Does time move in a linear motion from past to present to future, or is it a fluid vibration of here and now?

Maybe a cup of coffee could help clear your mind. Tomorrow, I'll be sharing a cup of Zen Coffee with you.